I had the privilege of getting to premiere the new Wayland song, "Get a Little" today during my show, and got to do it with Phil and Mitch from Wayland!

It's always a good time talking with those guys, they're fun, and really passionate about what they do, and honest about how they feel.  They talked a little about the origins of the song, how it was born from the crappy jobs they've all worked while getting the band going.

"We know it's a big deal, people come out to a Wayland show and spend their money on the ticket, spend their money on beer, spend their money on T-shirts and CDs, and that really resonates with us.  It's a big deal."

Check out the rest of the interview, and then the new song, in it's new form, with the crowd and live singalong from The Intersection show this past April.

"It's really cool for us, we meant for it to special, with the hometown crowd, and I think that we're all really happy how it came out."