As Primus wound down their spring/summer tour with Mastodon last week, they brought out some special guests to help them out on a cover of the Peter Gabriel's classic "Intruder." Joining them for the performance from the Los Angeles, Calif. date last Friday (July 5), which can be viewed in fan-filmed video above, were Tool drummer Danny Carey and Mastodon drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor and bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders.

Carey filled in for Primus' Tim Alexander back in 2014 while the latter was recovering from open heart surgery following a heart attack. "Intruder" as the perfect song for all three drummers to play as it was the first notable use of the "gated drum" sound, played by Gabriel's former-Genesis bandmate Phil Collins. The track opened Gabriel's third eponymous solo album (released in 1980), and is often referred to as "Melt" due to the cover art depicting Gabriel's face melting. Primus first covered the song on their 1992 covers EP, Miscellaneous Debris.

Primus received raves for their 2017 album, The Desaturating Seven, an LP that marked the return of Alexander, playing with the band for the first time on record since 1995's Tales From the Punchbowl. The band return to the road for a handful of dates in September, with a full list of shows available at this location.

Carey is hopefully back to work on the upcoming Tool album, with frontman Maynard James Keenan declaring recently that, "You're gonna see some new music next year." His statement came just one day after a post on the band's official Facebook page revealed a picture from the studio showing bassist Justin Chancellor's equipment which was captioned, "Justin's bass setup in the studio. Sounds like he is making great progress recording in 'a great studio.'" Tool's last 10,000 Days, came out 12 years ago.

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