These blind skateboarders, the KiD M.C. and Dan Mancina, absolutely shred. Get a closer look at the two blind skateboarders doing some sick tricks while using their canes and their hands to help them navigate.

The video starts off with the 95 percent blind Japanese skateboarder, the KiD M.C., ollieing down a staircase. He then grinds the ledge and nails another trick on the quarter pipe. Using his cane to guide him, the blind skateboarder ends his set by doing a fakie nosegrind on the ledge.

All of his friends then skate over to him to hype him up, shake his hand and give him a hug. The KiD also a rapper and uploads his music on his YouTube channel.

Next in the video is Dan Mancina, who suffers from a hereditary eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa which will eventually cause him to be 100 percent blind, according to Men's Journal. Even though he has lost the majority of his vision, he's still one amazing skateboarder.

Dan Mancina's set in the video below is absolutely insane - he starts it off with a 180, then a fakie 360, then a frontside 5-0 , then a front 50 on the rail. The blind skateboarder then busts out a heelflip, followed by a front smith 180 out, hits a manual across the box, does frontside blunt side on the rail then a front board on the ledge, and ends his impressive set with a heelflip 50 on the tall box.

It's extraordinary how Mancino uses his cane and hands to get a feel for his surroundings and nail some sick tricks. In an interview with NowThisNews, he said that there are a lot of blind people living sheltered lives, and "parents raising blind children especially shouldn't be afraid to let them explore the world in their own way."

Watch These Blind Skateboarders Shredding

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