There's one thing that's pretty cool, no matter who you are.  Science experiments.

Not the boring calculations, and theories, and all that stuff.  But the actual experiments that people do to prove all those crazy ideas the scientists have are true.  Whether it's a simple thing, or an insanely difficult thing to do, it's always pretty cool to watch.

Large Hadron Collider?  WTF?  But show me the stuff exploding when you collide stuff...I'm there.

Things falling slowly in a vacuum?  Hell yeah!

Apparently, according to sciencey stuff, if you create a vacuum, everything that falls will fall at the same speed as everything else.  A bowling ball and a feather will fall at exactly the same speed.

Sounds like bulls***, right?

It's not.  And here's the video proof.  I set this to start at the countdown before the actual drop, but you can rewind it to the beginning for the whole sciencey setup of the vacuum chamber, and the tech stuff about why things fall at the same speed.  But you're probably like me, and just want to see it happen.

I will tell you, it's weird seeing the feathers and the bowling ball falling together, slowly.

Science is cool.

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