Each year, Examiner.com runs a poll to decide which United States city will hold the title of 'Beer City USA 2012!'  This year Grand Rapids received enough nominations to be featured in the poll.  And guess what... Grand Rapids is currently tied for first!  We need your vote now!  Click here to vote for Grand Rapids as 'Beer City USA 2012'.

Grand Rapids main rival is three time winner, Asheville, North Carolina.  Asheville had it's work cut out for it last year, barely edging out San Diego in the last days of the contest.  Our ace in the hole?  Well, Grand Rapids had far more nominating votes than San Diego did last year.

Will we be able to rally enough support for Grand Rapids?  That is up to you.  Vote now, vote often, and vote from as many computers as you can! We can do this Grand Rapids... We have New Holland's Dragon Milk, we have Founder's Dirty Bastard, and we have Bell's Oberon.  How can we lose?

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