No she didn't receive money to show off her goods... not those goods at least.

Natalie Neverez, a grad student at the University of Michigan, was awarded $25,000 from the adult website through their Pornhub Cares Scholarship, which was started last year. The scholarship is to recognize people that are somehow making a difference & making people happier through their leadership skills. This year they wanted to award one woman who is pursuing an education in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). Neverez was the chosen one after submitting her application.

Neverez is wrapping up her final weeks at U of M before she receives her PhD in biopsychology. In addition to winning the judges over with the work she's doing, she also talked about being the daughter of Mexican immigrants and how having an education was the sign of the 'American Dream' for her.

In her submission video, which you can see below, she says that she is studying the neurobiology of monogamy and how transmitters in one's brain affects their attachment to relationships, which happens to be similar to addiction. I don't know what I just wrote but maybe you can figure it out ;)

Regardless, we congratulate Natalie on being a total bad ass and snagging the $25K. Fox 2 Detroit says that she plans on using the money to continue her education at Stanford University, which should be an interesting conversation at the financial aid office.

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