Michigan made this USA Today 10Best list, but Michigan State didn't...

Whatcha gonna do Sparty fans? Vote for the only Michigan school in the running? Well, you can't very well vote Ohio, right?

Both U of M and OSU, along with 18 other schools are competing for "Best College for Sports Fans" in a USA Today 10Best Reader's Poll:

For athletes and non-athletes alike, the college experience–with its mascots, marching bands and longstanding traditions–often breeds lifelong loyalty in fans. So which American college or university offers the best fan experience for sports enthusiasts?"

Here's their praise for U of M:

More than 54 championships and two dozen Olympic athletes have come from the University of Michigan athletics program over the past couple of decades. While the Michigan Wolverines football team hasn't won a BCS title in awhile, that doesn't stop fans from filling up the Big House (the largest stadium in the U.S.) each game day."

It's up to a public vote. You've got until March 5 at noon to cast your vote here!


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