Adding to its honors for beer, wine, and scenic drives, Michigan is now also getting props for its prime trick-or-treating.

SmartAsset, a finance website has ranked the top ten towns for trick-or-treating across the U.S., MLive reports.

Only two locations east of the Mississippi made the list, and both towns are in Michigan!

According to Smart Asset, Saginaw and Dearborn are tops in trick-or-treating.

How did SmartAsset determine which cities have the best trick-or-treating? They collected data on more than 300 of America’s largest cities, examining weather and crime rates. They also took a look at neighborhood density (based on the idea that more doorbells means more candy),affordability, and population percentage of children.


Here's what SmartAsset had to say about No. 6 Saginaw,

This central Michigan town is the best place for trick-or-treating in the eastern U.S. The more than 1,050 single family homes per square mile means trick-or-treaters can spend less time walking between doors and focus on what matters: collecting candy. It also rated as the second most affordable city in our study so families of modest means can enjoy Halloween in Saginaw."

And No. 8 Dearborn,

The second Michigan city to rank among the top ten best places to trick-or-treat, Dearborn rated especially well for its housing density. It is also home to one of the country’s best October traditions: Halloween in Greenfield Village. The historic village, which has over 80 different historic structures dating back as early as the 17th century, transforms into a spooky (but not scary) haunted town on the three weekends preceding Halloween."

Here's the full list of SmartAsset's Ten BestPlaces to Trick-or-Treat:

  1.  Nampa, Idaho
  2. Lehi, Utah
  3. Orem, Utah
  4. Longmont, Colorado
  5. Kennewick, Washington
  6. Saginaw, Michigan
  7. Sparks, Nevada
  8. Dearborn, Michigan
  9. Idaho Falls, Idaho
  10. Cheyenne, Wyoming

So, what do you think of SmartAsset's assessment? Are there better trick-or-treating towns in Michigan?