Well, part of Tulip Time is going virtual. It's the Tulip Time Run, the 5K and 10K that you can do at home!

Since 1929, Holland, Michigan has blossomed with literally hundreds of thousands of tulips, and an equal number of tulip-lovers who attend the annual Tulip Time Festival. And the celebration is so much more than tulips, with national entertainment acts, events & activities for all ages, breathtaking sights just off the shores of Lake Michigan and some of the largest parades in Michigan. But, not this year, sadly.

COVID19/The Coronavirus, had changed all of that. There still will be plenty of tulips, but no activities, entertaiment, parades and the like.

This will be a huge economic loss to the Holland community, so they are doing what the can do, and that's to create a virtual event, the Tulip Time Virtual Run to hopefully offset the loss. T-shirts are available for purchase online in three different designs, each unique to the festival. There will also be virtual 5K and 10K runs, where you can run around the block or on your treadmill at home.

Want to run/walk/help? All the information you need is on the TULIP TIME website.

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