I went and checked out the new "Transformers: Age of Extinction" film.

I wasn't totally excited about this movie because "Transformers 3" burned out the Transformers on me. Shia La-Suck and Megan Just-Awful Fox ruined the movies for me, and that agent guy who was just comedy relief.

Then they went for broke, ditched the old actors and welcomed in Marky Mark and some other people. Not only did they change the faces of the movies, but the overall pace of things, which made it a way better watching experience.

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" is just an overall better movie from the first three. I did enjoy the first one, but "Transformers 2" and "Transformers 3" killed me. I don't really know a lot about the history of Transformers, or even the basic story line from over the  years, just the big Hollywood movies.

First, Mark Wahlberg is just an overall better actor from Shia, and I didn't have to hear him yelling "BUMBLEBEE!!!" every 5 seconds.

Another thing was since Megan Fox was gone, I didn't have to sit through the "oh, here is another sexy shot of Megan Fox!" That was an insane relief.

Yes, we all know Megan Fox is good looking, but you don't have to shove it in my face, I GET IT!

In this movie, they make just a small reference to Marky Marks' good-looking daughter, and that's it! They didn't have to rely on cheap thrills to make the movie. They said it, and moved on. THANK YOU!

Also, Kelsey Grammer showed up in the film and just blew me away in his performance. When I think of Grammer, I think of "Frasier Crane" and "Beast," that intellectual do-good man. In this movie, he was a cold-blooded terrifying character! The type of guy that says, "Give me what I want, or I will kill your whole family." That threw me for a loop and maybe opened more doors for Grammer as the evil guy.

Before I spoil to much of the movie, the most important and great thing about this movie was the pacing of it. Everything was even, except for the product placement (you'll see).

You know those movies that are just, boom, here; and a death there? This wasn't that! I didn't feel confused at all about things like I did in the first three.

The action was there, the character development; everything was just there. I was able to sit in my seat and enjoy a movie without questioning why this and that happened because everything was there. It was a long movie, but it was long enough to keep me satisfied.

Plus the Dino-Bots were bad ass.

Check it out!

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