Mis-remembering someone's name is awkward enough, but when celebrities do it to each other, you have to wonder "How did they honestly not know!?” This happened recently to Hollywood's resident cutie pie Jack McBrayer, whose name, according to Tracy Morgan, is Kenneth.

When Morgan's birthday rolled around, his former 30 Rock costar McBrayer gave him a call to wish him well! According to McBrayer, Morgan responded with, "Yo Kenneth, I just gotta say man… I love you. Thank you for this!” Jack/Kenneth had to respond with, "Oh my name is Jack.” Apparently Morgan thought Jack's name was actually Kenneth in real life as well as on 30 Rock.

So you know what folks, don't lose too much sleep if you just can't remember that one dude's name by the office coffee pot this morning. It happens to the best of us!

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