Don't expect to shoot down to Cedar Point this summer/fall in anticipation of riding one of the park's most popular rides, Top Thrill Dragster. Unfortunately, the roller coaster will be closed for the rest of the year after a woman was seriously injured from a part that flew off the ride and hit her.

If you remember, A woman was injured last weekend at Cedar Point after a piece of metal from the Top Thrill Dragster ride fell off and hit her. The object hit her in the head while she was standing in line and the ride was coming to an end. It's been a week since the incident and we're still not clear on what kind of injury she sustained.

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Cedar Point:

We want to fully understand what happened and why. Together with the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Division of Amusement Ride Safety & Fairs, third-party investigators, engineers and the ride’s manufacturer, we are being careful, methodical and thorough. We will not rush the investigation and will work tirelessly in our search for answers in the interest of improving safety. This process will take time.

While the circumstance is unfortunate, riders are kind of used to Top Thrill Dragster being shut down. Over the years the ride has been shut down multiple times for multiple days or even weeks at a time. Usually because of maintenance but sometimes because of someone getting injured.

I'm guessing that because we don't know the severity of the woman's injuries, it's the worst incident the park has seen since the ride opened in 2003.


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