A five-day virtual trial concerning domestic violence accusations against Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext has come to a conclusion. According to MetalSucks, the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles has granted personal trainer Whitney Johns a two-year domestic violence restraining order against the musician.

Johns had previously filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order in April that had been extended several times due to delays caused by the pandemic and requests by Vext's lawyer.

In a statement to MetalSucks, Johns' lawyer, Alphonse F. Provinziano, alleged that Bruce Moss, an attorney for Vext made arguments in court on behalf of his client that “sent us not back decades but centuries in their inappropriate and unacceptable attitudes towards victims of domestic abuse.”

The allegations against Vext hit the wires on Dec. 8, with court documents detailing four alleged incidents of physical violence cited by Johns both during and after their relationship. The documents also cited alleged threats to Johns by Vext concerning not only her person but her business.

Shortly after the allegations went public, Vext answered a few fans on social media calling the allegations "Fake AF news" that was "not even worth addressing." He also issued a statement that read, “The allegations made against me by my former girlfriend are not true. Given the ongoing civil dispute between us, I am not at liberty to say any more at this time. I look forward to resolving this matter in court.”

The Bad Wolves vocalist later spoke on the Tin Foil Hat Show, claiming that Johns was attempting to extort him. “I mean, the things that I’m accused of is like, you know, it’s like attempted murder shit, like beating and strangulation,” Vext explained. “Things that like you know I’m 260. I’m 6’1. Like, if you’re a guy and I and I did this to you, you’d die.”

The singer also categorized the case against him, and the surrounding media coverage, and example of cancel culture. “Like many of my friends who are who are professionals and public figures [and] wealthy, I’m currently engaged in an attempted #metoo campaign. And I’ve been going through an extortion attempt for 10 months. I dated a girl. I didn’t know a lot of things about her. She had a history of doing certain things.”

MetalSucks also reached out to Vext's attorney, Bruce Moss, who declined comment on the article about the recently completed hearing.