I recently had a great conversation with Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle. We chat about the bands message, new singer, new album and the future of the band.

Bad Wolves are a great bunch of guys that I have seen on stage as well spent time with the members on several different occasions.

When Doc and I were chatting, I mentioned Bad Wolves performance at 20 Monroe Live with Asking Alexandria and Papa Roach. I had taken my older son to the show and to meet Bad Wolves and they were so kind to him.

At the time my older boy was a typical teenager, going through what teenagers go through and he was having some rough spots at home with his mom. I have always tried to be positive toward the young man but sometimes it just helps hearing it from someone else.

There was a huge positive message that was coming from the stage with Bad Wolves that had a huge impact on my son. Ever since that show he has been on the right path and is doing very good now in all aspects of his life and with his family.

So yes music does move people for whatever reason and each show affects each audience member in different ways.

Doc has always been a stand up hard working guy as are the rest of the members of the band. You will here this when checking out the interview below.

With Bad Wolves changing lead singers in the past year there has been a lot of drama surrounding the band and former singer. We stayed away from that stuff and stuck to chatting about getting the new singer, making the new album that hits stores and digital platforms Friday, October 29.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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