It's time to submit your crazy Whitecaps stadium food recipes! Every year, the Whitecaps give you the chance to get your specially designed food onto the Whitecaps' menu for the baseball games! What's going to be your concoction?

Last year, Mickey from the Whitecaps brought in all the different things up for voting, and the guys tried them out. Including the Alaskan Chili thing, that totally caught Joe off guard, even though he was told what was in it.

Surprise! When you ask if that's a Klondike bar in there, and the guy says, "Yes", maybe you should expect a Klondike bar in there!

What's going to be your recipe? How much Poutine will be in it? Are you going to shoot for amazing and tasty, or just try to get something really gross onto the menu, and into Free Beer and Hot Wings' mouths?

Both are pretty great life goals.

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