A TikToker has gone viral for turning pop musicians into Pokemon and now he's turned Gene Simmons from KISS into one sick Pokemon as one of his first ventures into the rock world.

Léo Dupuy, @leorgasmic, is a graphic designer and 3D artist on TikTok who's known for turning pop stars into Pokemon. The TikToker has turned tons of musicians into Pokémon including Britney Spears, Britmingo, a water/flying Pokémon complete with a snake wrapped around her shoulders. He's also made Lady Gaga a dragon/fairy Pokémon and Stage 2 evolution is Dragaga, which channels her Chromiatica album.

The TikToker has turned Damiano David, lead singer of Maneskin, into a Pokémon as well. The Maneskin singer's Pokemon is Damhyena, a rock/dark Pokémon complete with pearl earrings and necklace and some rockin' hair, just like the real Damiano David (as seen below).

Some of Léo Dupuy's TikToks have nearly one million views, and his most recent post is a video of turning legendary rockstar Gene Simmons into a Pokémon. The KISS singer/bassist has been turned into a sick Pokémon, which you can see below.

Gene Simmons is a dark/water Pokémon whose name is Seammonz and even comes with a bass guitar. The TikTok is set to the KISS song "I Was Made For Lovin' You" and definitely looks like it's ready to "Rock and Roll All Nite."

The Pokémon has its tongue out, in true Gene Simmons style, along with markings that look just like the KISS figurehead's signature makeup.

The TikToker is now asking for suggestions and wants to know which rock star should he turn into a Pokémon next. Let us know which rocker you'd love to see as a Pokémon in the comments.

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