Three Days Grace recently announced that their new album would be titled Outsider, and with the release of the title track "I Am the Outsider," we now get a bigger picture of why the disc carries that title.

"We've always written about being the odd person out and being comfortable with that," drummer Neil Sanderson told Billboard, who premiered the song. He adds, "It's about deciding that you don't want to be exposed to so many influences in your life and to people who have a negative influence on you. You want to be able to take a great big step backwards and view all the chaos and absurdity from a distance -- 'I don't want to believe the same way, the same things you to just to sort of conform to anything. I want to have my own set of thoughts and my own set of feelings.' We've always kind of felt like that, I think."

Speaking of how the song plays into the larger theme of the Outsider album, Sanderson adds, "I think there's a common thread that talks about how to navigate your way through modern life and being bombarded by information and feelings and beliefs. It's pretty impossible to ignore, but I think the record contemplates how to wake up and be yourself and not succumb to all the distractions and influences around you, but without just disappearing from the face of the Earth. We don't have all the answers here, but we definitely do bring up the topic a lot."

The track is a more aggressive song in the band's catalog, bolstered by heavy synth work. The group worked with Rhys Fulber in blending in the use of electronic music into their sound, and it fits well within the construct of "I Am the Outsider." Meanwhile, Gavin Brown and Howard Benson reprise their roles as producers for the band.

"I Am the Outsider" follows on the heels of the current single "The Mountain," with both songs now available as instant grat tracks with pre-orders of the disc. Make your reservation for the disc via the platform of your choosing right here. You can see the full album track listing for Outsider below.

Three Days Grace, Outsider Album Artwork + Track Listing

RCA Records
RCA Records

1. Right Left Wrong
2. The Mountain
3. I Am An Outsider
4. Infra-Red
5. Nothing To Lose But You
6. Me Against You
7. Love Me Or Leave Me
8. Strange Days
9. Villain I’m Not
10. Chasing The First Time
11. The New Real
12. The Abyss

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