Donald Blackketter does what he loves every single day but it's a job many would not even think someone would enjoy, sign spinning! 

Blackkletter has worked for local restaurant, U.S. Egg for the last six years, standing on the corner in front of the establishment.

Sticking to his five rules of sign-spinning, Blackkletter has become one of the best spinners in the business and a superstar on the intersection of Scottsdale Rd. and Shea Blvd.

People absolutely love seeing Blackkletter and his energy so much.

"He lives it, he enjoys making people smile. That's what makes him smile, work harder, and dance harder," said one local.

Blackkletter hasn't quite let all this attention give him a big head but he definitely doesn't disagree!

"I just think I'm a good sign spinner or a great sign spinner," said Blackkletter. "People tell me I'm one of the best they've ever seen. I'm willing to agree I'm probably one of the best anyone has ever seen."

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