Just like the headline says, this is impressive.  WZZM reports that over the weekend, six West Michigan men swam from Wisconsin across Lake Michigan, to Ludington.

The journey took the men 20 hours and 50 minutes according to WZZM, as they swam through the night to make it across the lake in one continuous swimming trip.

The 6 swimmers involved in the “EPIC SWIM 2020” as they called it, are Dave Ornee, Jon Ornee, Nick Hobson, Matt Smith, Todd Suttor, and Jeremy Sall. The guys swam through the night with two boats following and a support team to help if needed.  WZZM says the “relay swim” was the first of it’s kind.

Jon Ornee, one of the swimmers told WZZM,

"It was definitely surreal being in the middle of the lake in the middle of the night," Ornee recalled. "We were all lit up. We had LED lights on our goggles and safety buoys. We had glow sticks on our wet suits, and then we had we actually dragged a lane line in the water that had about 30 glow sticks on it."

The journey across the lake was 60 miles, and as WZZM reports, the swimmers are hoping to hear from the World Open Water Swimming Association, as well as the Marathon Swimmers Federation, in hopes they broke/set a world record.

Jon told WZZM he hopes to now bike from the southern Michigan border all the way to the northern border will 6 other cyclists, while Nick Hobson wants to swim Lake Michigan again, this time solo

I'm impressed because I'm worn out after a 6-mile kayaking trip, that I'm not really paddling that much on.  I can't imagine swimming for 60 miles.

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