I always find it interesting to figure out how people from other countries see our country. One thing I’ve learned is they think we have a lot of space. And we love our big-sized cars, value meals, and houses.

In this YouTube video that I came across, this lady from Ireland decided to show us a bit about how someone in Europe might know each state.  As she goes alphabetically through the states she not only tells what she knows about the state but also tries to point out the state on her map.

For Michigan she wasn’t too far off when she went to look for us on the map, originally pointing to Indiana (which stays on the screen as she talks about our state, sadly.) She also starts off by saying she doesn’t know much about Michigan before reading a few facts from online, which I’m not sure what site she was on, but their info on us is pretty sad.

Seriously the two things she learned about us is the Great Lake state and we offer the highest bottle return refund in the county at $.10 per bottle or can.  That’s it.

As she says after learning those two pathetic facts,

“Aww, Michigan I feel like  internationally you’ve been done dirty.  You need a better PR team. I don’t know anything about ya.”

I know with COVID-19, we have bigger things to worry about but seriously, we probably shouldn’t have canceled the budget for the Pure Michigan tourism campaign.   maybe we also should’ve bought a few ads across the pond.  We can discuss this later on when we’re not stuck at home.   OR maybe we as Michiganders should use our home time to friend people online from Europe and just throw random state facts at them... especially the mitten/pointing where you live on your hand.  That will help people at least find us when looking at a map of our country.

Ultimately, I’m just glad she talked about us.  I feel internationally special.


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