New York hipsters The Strokes just released their latest album, Angles, this week, but apparently that hasn't stopped the band from working on a new record. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture revealed that the group will start writing next month.

Fraiture was being interviewed by London radio station Xfm (via NME) when he said that The Strokes would get together in mid-April to start working on new songs.

"We were just talking about when we would get back together and start writing for the next album," he said. "It should be soon. April, mid-April."

Fraiture added that he didn't mind the criticism the band has received over Angles, especially that some fans have to listen to the record more than once.

"I love that it takes a few listens," he said. "After a five-year break, we didn’t want to do something that’s like, 'Oh, I get it after one listen!'"

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