Every Halloween, people argue about what horror movie is the scariest.  And there really isn't any way to determine which movie is actually the scariest.  But, you can get close to figuring it out with a little experiment and that's just what Broadband Choices did.

They called their study 'The Science Of Scare', and it used heart rates to determine which movies were the most frightening.  They curated a selection of 50 of the best horror films and showed them to a panel of 50 people while monitoring their heart rates and ranking the films by the average heart rate throughout the movie.

Below, you will find what were determined to be the 5 scariest movies ever filmed.  You can see the remainder of the 50 film list here.

  • 1


    Average Heart Rate 86 BPM

    The highest heart rate spike was 131 BPM.

    A true-crime author is looking for his next big hit when he hears a story of a film that shows a family being killed.  He investigates the unsolved mystery but what he finds is something supernatural.

  • 2


    Average Heart Rate 85 BPM

    The highest heart rate spike was 133 BPM

    A family moves into a haunted house and their son gets possessed.  The boy becomes comatose and the parents need to take action to save their son.

  • 3

    The Conjuring

    Average Heart Rate 84 BPM

    The highest heart rate spike was 129 BPM

    Paranormal investigators come across a case like they've never seen before.  The family they are helping had unwittingly moved into a very old home with a very disturbing past.  Can they help them in time?

  • 4


    Average Heart Rate 83 BPM

    The highest heart rate spike was 109 BPM

    After the matriarch of an old family passes, her daughter and grandchildren begin to learn about a past they wish would have remained a secret.  As the dig deeper, the secrets revealed are more and more sinister.

  • 5

    Paranormal Activity

    Average Heart Rate 82 BPM

    The highest heart rate spike was 127 BPM

    A family begins to hear things go bump in the night and they intend on catching it on camera.  After they discover that it isn't just squeaky floorboards and drafts, the terrifying happenings become more frequent.

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