The Rapid announced earlier this year they would stop selling paper tickets as they switch to the WAVE card.  Well, that deadline of when they'll stop with the paper tickets is next Thursday, November 14th. says there were two public meetings on October 23 discussing the changes but basically The Rapid will stop selling paper tickets for regular-fixed bus routes.  They will still accept paper tickets until next summer, but you won't be able to buy them.

If you're riding the bus, cash will still be accepted, as will the WAVE card.  The WAVE cards will be available at the various retail locations, at the Rapid Central Station or online HERE. 

Basically, once you have a WAVE card, you then load money onto the card and just tap on the sensor as you board. According to The Rapid's website, you can use cash, debit or credit card to add money to the WAVE card.

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