Earlier this month, several of us were attending the wedding of one of ours, Julie. As part of her table decorations, she had these super tiny pumpkins at each place setting, and being the DJ jerks we are, we promptly stole some to make a silly video. FREE STUFF!

We decided to have a contest to see if we could carve these tiny, tiny pumpkins for Halloween, and who could do it best!

The loser would inherit the scary cat thing that's been passed around the office for years. The winner would win absolutely nothing, because that's how we troll... I mean, roll.

So Christine, Janna, Rob, and I gathered our pathetic skills and weaponry, and attempted to carve. We weren't even sure these were pumpkins we could carve! Were they solid all the way through? Did they have hollow centers? Are we totally incompetent with sharp knives?

The answer to most of these questions is yes. You pick the questions that applies to.

And, of course, the only knives we could find in the building were gigantic, so here we are trying to carve tiny pumpkins with giant knives!

Enjoy our silliness, and stay tuned after the video for some outtakes from the hour of us trying to not kill ourselves!

Happy Halloween!

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