Even though this sketch was cut from the most recent episode of NBC's "Saturday Night Live," it's now making it's way around the Internet.

Set in St. Louis, the sketch starts with a news anchor seriously talking about events in Ferguson, Missouri. He then passes it off to two morning show hosts (played by Keenan Thompson and Cecily Strong) who have an obnoxious show with an overly-chipper theme song that mentions Ferguson.
When asked about her weekend, the female co-host replies, "I spent it holding a fire poker and protecting my property. So why don't we skip the chit chat and talk about the weekend events?" They then go on to discuss some unfortunately named events, and check in with a traffic reporter in a helicopter. When asked how the traffic is out there, she just answers "Bad." James Franco appears as a guest chef, with a knack for saying the wrong thing.

The audience seems to take the sketch OK. Laughing, even if a bit awkwardly. There are  some gasps and some uncomfortableness.

The sketch, called "Morning Show" showed up Sunday on SNL's YouTube page, with a note that it had been "cut for time."