Don't get me wrong, I Love the celebration of St Pats Day but soooooo dread most of the stupid cliched' sayings on shirts, hats, and other green shaded articles of clothing that Irish wannabes will parade before everyone in a drunken stupor.   Here is my list of the best and the worst you'll come across this St Patrick's Day:

BEST: Hot chick wearing shirt that states: "They're magically delicious"

WORST: Dude wearing shirt that states: "I'm not Irish kiss me anyway".  Nice choice fugly but got news for ya - just because you wear that shirt doesn't mean every chick in the bar is going to line up to give out a gratuitous kiss to you Sir Douche O' Bag.


BEST: Hot chick wearing a shirt that states: "Rub my Shamrocks for Luck"

WORST: Dude wearing a hat that states: "Irish I had a beer".  I wish I had a beer in a glass bottle so I could bust it over your ignorant skull.  Nobody's buying you a beer because you wear that hat idiot.


BEST: Hot chick wearing shirt that states: "Show me your shaleighleigh"

WORST: Anybody  wearing a shirt that states: " I don't have drinking problem....I drink , I get drunk, I fall down"'re an ass.


Please add to the fun with your best and worst St Pat cliche's