Most musicians have endured a painful moment onstage, but Tesla bassist Brian Wheat has one that will elicit a collective groan from most of the male population reading this story. While appearing along with guitarist Frank Hannon on SiriusXM's Hair Nation with host Tommy London, Wheat shared that he once got his privates stuck in his zipper during a concert.

How exactly did that happen? As heard in the audio player below, Wheat tells London, "I zipped up my private parts in the zipper one time. Cause I was trying to pee on the side of the stage while Frank was doing the acoustic intro to 'Little Suzi' and it took longer than I thought."

After asking if he could be a little more graphic in his description, Wheat confirmed to the host, "I got the head of my pecker stuck in my zipper."

While that image elicited a memory of a classic There's Something About Mary scene, Wheat further set the picture by telling the host, "And I was playing the bass right. I'm playing 'Little Suzi,' do do do do do [singing], and my tech's trying to get it out. And I'm screaming, right?"

Luckily, Wheat emerged from that painful situation and he's not had a repeat incident. The bassist is currently out on tour with Tesla this summer. Keep up with all their dates here. The full interview with Wheat and Hannon can be found on the SiriusXM app.

Tesla's Brian Wheat Shares His Spinal Tap Moment With SiriusXM' Hair Nation Host Tommy London

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