Rock on the Range is quite the ordeal.

It is a lot of fun, but the few days after the big festival are quite grueling, especially if you have to work the day of.

It's been a couple of days and I am still recovering from the three day festival!

With Rock on the Range, you may as well throw any diet or health food out the door because you are not going to follow it what so ever.

Thanks to this weekend, I consumed about 4 Surge's, 4 Monster Energy Drinks, 2 Large Breakfast's from Waffle House, and a dinner at White Castle.

What do those all have in common? Sugar, fat, grease, and most importantly, crashing.

Today is Wednesday, and I am getting the crap kicked out me! When I stopped drinking Surge, I basically also said goodbye to caffeine for a bit, then this weekend came around and I loaded up on the caffeine.

A couple of days have passed and the caffeine deficiency is kicking my ass! I feel like a slug, dragging, and I have that pukey migraine feeling too.

At some point I will get some sleep, because I haven't really had a good night of sleep. Hell, I started driving back to Grand Rapids at 4 a.m. Monday because I had to be at work by noon! Pretty much everyone wondered why I didn't just take the Monday off. I wonder why I didn't either.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.