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Support Team Lola
Last week I sported my Wonder Woman Costume at Helen Devos Children's Hospital here in Grand Rapids. While I was there I had a special request to escort a young girl to one of her treatments because she was nervous. This girls name was Lola. Lola has leukemia and was a very impressive little gi…
Jackie Visits Helen Devos Children’s Hospital
This morning I had the pleasure of sporting my favorite costume, Wonder Woman and visit the children at Helen Devos Children's Hospital! Alongside George from Vault of Midnight (as Batman!) we brought in comics courtesy of Vault of Midnight for the kids to enjoy!
Jackie And The AlternaChicks Cosplay!
Two of our AlternaChicks, Sadie and Lara came out to the comicon this weekend as well and they were dressed and ready! Sadie came as Tank Girl and Lara was in her infamous Chell from Portal cosplay! We had our photographer friend Jason Hite there and we ran outside for a quick, mini photo session...
Awesome Wonder Woman Short Film
I was tweeted this today: "Wonder Woman // a short by Rainfall Films" I was immediately intrigued, I love wonder woman! That amazonian women definitely deserves her own movie. Well this short does just that... check out the awesomeness of wonder woman, and if you haven't check…
Jackie Cosplays- Wonder Woman
This was a mega fun cosplay shoot! I got to emulate one bad ass woman super hero... WONDER WOMAN! I have been so excited to shoot this cosplay, and the coolest part? My sister was the one who photographed it! Yeah my little sister Danielle has a photography business, DM Photography.
Jackie Cosplays- Modern Wonder Woman
Alright You may have seen my post yesterday of my Wonder Woman Cosplay. My talented sister shot them for me! Well we decided to change up the costume and shoot some more! This one I call The Modern Rockstar Wonder Woman! Check these ones out!
Jackie Feels Wonder-ful
I am halfway through my Emma Frost cosplay costume, it takes some time to make these things and I have been seriously slacking! Well I ended up meeting a woman who goes by, Viva Wonder Woman! This woman is sweet! She basically lives in Vegas, and travels to different com-icons, and Vegas shows as a …
Cosplay Or Running Wear With Jackie
I am a crazy cosplayer, AND a crazy runner! So I have this new top... which am I using it for cosplay or my next big race? Either one would be pretty sweet... I may just let you decide! Vote below if I should make this into a cosplay costume/photo shoot, or if I should wear this in the Gazelle Gi…