Jackie Talks About 'Gross' Things
There is an article going around on the Internet of "gross" things women do that men don't know about.
I talked about that today, and while all the things on the list were true for me, I didn't think they would surprise any of our male audience.
So, I took calls from gentlemen listening an…
Attractive women fighting: Hot or not?
Here at WGRD, we are equal opportunity mixed martial arts fans. In the most recent couple of years, that has come to include women, for better or worse. That begs the age old question asked by men for generation: Are two women in a cat fight or better yet a cage fight, hot?
Never Trust A Woman!
Guys, many of you probably already know that you can never trust a woman! Most women anyway. I’m not saying you can’t trust your girlfriend or wife, you probably can, even though she probably cheated on you a couple times already and you just didn’t…
Two Things That Make ‘GRD’s Jackie Very Angry!
I don't get angry very often, I don't have insane road rage or anything like that, but there are two things that both coincidently happened today that make me SOOOOO annoyed/angry that I just had to share!
First off you need to know that I drive a stick shift, with that said, here is the qu…
Sexy Twin Mania~
Two for Tuesday treat for you.
Some of these twins are just freaking amazing! Thank you break.com!