WGRD Pond Hockey Classic 2015
Think pond hockey is just for the guys? No way. The WGRD Pond Hockey Classic is for everyone!
Because of popular demand, we have added a women's and co-ed divisions.
Hot Girls in Tanning Beds is the Most Awesome Thing Ever
There's nothing like a woman's body...and we all know it. Even women enjoy looking at women's bodies. You can't say the same thing about guy's bodies.
Women just have everything placed and built perfectly. It's proof of a higher being looking out for us.
Here are some amazing pictures of lovely creatu…
Surprise! Men Are More Likely to Die Stupidly than Women
Can you believe people actually pay big money for research projects to determine what anyone with a brain can immediately answer?
A study has been done to see if men are more likely to die stupidly and win a Darwin award than women are.
Umm...just a quick guess before I read the study...I will say, ye…
New Rob Bliss Video: Men Are Pigs
You know the old adage: men are pigs. It’s a blanket statement and certainly not true of all men, but this video shows we have a long way to go when it comes to respecting the fairer sex.
Pregnant Actress Named the Sexiest Naked Actress in History!
Mr. Skin has announced the top 150 nude scenes in Hollywood history, and you probably won't be surprised at who came in at number 1.
Okay, so the headline is a little sensational, since she's not really known for being pregnant, and she wasn't pregnant when they filmed it.  I don't think...holy crap,…

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