White Castle

6 Restaurants That We Need In West Michigan
Well, now we have Chick-fil-A in Grand Rapids.
But, now we need to work on a few other restaurants that are missing in our area. I made a list starting with my personal favorite that we're missing out on here:
1) Whataburger:
A lot of people talk about In N Out burgers, but I think Whata…
Metalhead Ned Heads to White Castle
One of the few resteraunts that we do not have in the Grand Rapids area is White Castle.
Those tasty little steam grilled burgers that are shoved into tiny little boxes for your greasy enjoyment. What is the closest White Castle?
Howell, MI. This weekend, I will be traveling to that great location.
White Castle Now Serving Veggie Sliders
White Castle, we may not have one here in Grand Rapids, but I will travel a very far distance for those little burgers. I had these fine burger only a few weeks ago in Ypsilanti, MI because I was on that side of town! This may not affect the Grand Rapids area much, but as a White Castle fan...buyers…
Metalhead Ned Goes to White Castle [Video]
Two video games beaten, Surge in hand...how do you end an epic weekend? With those little burgers that fit into a small box on a grease soaked bun. Grilled to perfection on a bed of onions. Let's take a magical trip to...
White Castle!
Road to Rock on the Range – White Castle
In West Michigan, we sadly do not have one of these great fast food joints. Many people have wondered why we don't have one of these, and I have even driven 2 hours just for these fine little burgers. On the way to Rock on the Range, we had to make a stop at one of the greatest places of all ti…