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Resident Evil 3 Still Keeps You on Your Toes Years Later
Last night, my brother came over. Now, I grew up with this guy and watched him play video games for hours upon hours. While most people think that this is boring, I actually enjoyed watching him play games.
Especially the Resident Evil games.
An Extremely Detailed History About The Power Glove
"I love the Power Glove, it's so bad."
The Power Glove was a video game peripheral that came out for use on the Nintendo Entertainement System. Before there was the Wii-Mote, Kinect, or Playstation Move. There was the Power Glove.
Here is Everything You Wanted to Know About Nintendo amiibo
The fine fellows at Did You Know Gaming have released a video that is actually quite interesting.
People have been trampling each other over the amiibo craze, and they still are. Man, just wait until Christmas time right?
Did You Know Gaming has a brand new video showing the history of the amiibo.
JonTron Takes on NES Star Wars Games in a New 'StarCade'
Slowly but surely, JonTron has been releasing a string of videos regarding Star Wars video games. Just like the rest of his videos, they are all hilarious.
On the fourth episode of 'StarCade,' JonTron tackles some of the classic Nintendo Star Wars games.
Mortal Kombat the Movie is 20 Years Old, Meaning You're 96
1995 was a pretty cool year! Actually I can't quite think about anything else that happened that year. I was still a kid watching Nickelodeon, playing Super Nintendo, playing with Gak, etc.
I loved the video game Mortal Kombat! So when I heard that a Mortal Kombat movie was coming out, I was pre…
Wayne's World on NES is Strangely a Rare Game
When collecting old Nintendo games, you would think that the popular ones would be the valuable ones right?
But it's actually the complete opposite. The stranger the game, the more rare it seems to be!
Mission Accomplished, I Beat Mortal Kombat Arcade
While I was on vacation last week, I visited an arcade locate in Ludington. Sadly, the arcade will be closing soon, but it is full of some great machines that you don't see a lot. One of those was the original Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet.
The SNES and Genesis version of the game cannot compare to th…
Some Cool Facts About the Super Mario's Movie Career
The guys over at Did You Know Gaming not only talk about video games, but they also like to talk about movies as well in their series of Did You Know Movies.
The first video game movie to hit the big screen was the Super Mario Bros. Which was a very rough start for the plumber in Hollywood, and still…
Resident Evil 2 Remake is Official
When the first Resident Evil game was remade for the Gamecube, it was a smash hit and absolutely amazing! I have a hard time playing the game because it's so creepy.
Still though, Resident Evil 2 is my favorite Resident Evil of all time, and always has been...and now, Capcom officially announced…
You Can Watch Every Single Episode of Angry Video Game Nerd
If it wasn't for James Rolfe's character. the Angry Video Game Nerd, we probably wouldn't have YouTube stars like JonTron, Gaming Historian, Egoraptor, etc. We really kind of owe it to that guy for starting a YouTube gaming revolution.
It's amazing to think I have been watching th…
Rare Studios Had No Idea Why Nintendo Didn't Buy Them Out
If you owned the NES, SNES, or Nintendo 64, chances are that you owned or played a Rare game. No, not like a rare game, but a game developed by the studio, Rare.
Games like Battletoads, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, RC Pro Am, Jet Force Gemini, Conker's Bad Fur Day, etc.

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