Flashbacks With Jackie
Yet again another fantastic flashback! First off I am a blonde again in this. You may remember one of my New Years Resolutions was to NOT do this again to my hair... Secondly these are just funny!
Jackie’s College Broadcasting Show
When I was in college I was the host of a student ran series of Entertainment News. I was the "talent" and each week a student would write the script, we would come up with graphics and more. I found this old one and had to share it! I was a blondie!
WGRD’s Jackie Graduates College!
It has been a long, extremely fun, road to graduation for me.  I was an applied speech communication major at Ferris State University (Go Bulldogs!!) and have more crazy drunk stories then anyone I know... That said, I am so happy to finally have my bachelors degree (it only took me 6 years...