Tom Cruise

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Pushed From Summer to Christmas
I feel the need... the need for... slowing down things.
That’s not how the expression is supposed to go, but these are not ordinary times. Variety reports that yet another big summer blockbuster is no longer a big summer blockbuster, with Top Gun: Maverick the late…
Michigan Woman Defrauded Out of 30K By Fake Tom Cruise
How's the phrase go? If it seems to good to be true... it's probably a douche pretending to be Tom Cruise on the Internet?
Yeah, something like that.
The Press and Guide reports a woman visited the Dearborn, Mich. Police Department on Nov...
Danny Trejo Calls Out Actors for Doing Their Own Stunts
It was the set video seen around the world: Tom Cruise, leaping between rooftops for a Mission: Impossible 6 stunt, and slamming into the side of the building at high speed. In the weeks since the accident was officially confirmed  —  it turns out that Cruise had broken his ankl…

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