Jessica Wilde — Babe of the Day
Cam model, social media star and self-proclaimed “Tatt Goddess" Jessica Wilde's images ooze sex, while remaining playful, classic and fashion-forward. The Canadian is Inked Magazine's cover girl for its pin-up themed February/March issue and is our Babe of the Day.
Forcibly Tattooed
Last week, a 54-year-old Philadelphia man was held against his will and forcibly tattooed by his own roommates. The four people who did it look like real straight-shooters, too.
Prison Tattoos And Their Meanings
Tattooing is a huge part of the prison culture in many country's prison systems.  The tattoos have a variety of meanings from simple gang affiliation to complex codes that explain a lot about the individual wearing the tattoos.  Some tattoo meanings change from location to location or from race to race.  Check out the gallery below to learn a little bit more about prison tattoos.

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