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Michigan Man Made Made Fake Money to Pay for Lap Dances
Michigan man, Stephen Gidcumb, was making it rain up in the stip club... with fake $100 bills, allegedly.
The Detroit News reports that the 32-year-old was arrested May 13 after paying a stripper at the Deja Vu club in Kochville Township, near Saginaw, with a counterfeit…
Anyone Want To Go To A Crab Infested Illegal Strip Club?
Hey any of you guys want to go to a strip club?  Yea, theres this fat hillbilly chick who runs a private underground strip club out of the trailer park where she lives.. I think we should go there, but we got to wear mosquito netting over our faces, cuz the place is infested with crabs. Yea, I …
Jiggles Needs Your Help [Video]
I just put this up because I think we all need a laugh in the morning. Seattle strip club Jiggles took out an ad in The Stranger complaining that the city’s effort to shut it down for being across the street from a grade school amount to a first-amendment violation.