Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies Rocked a Packed House at the Intersection
The Sick Puppies returned to Grand Rapids on Thursday night with Skillet, and Devour the Day, to a packed Intersection! It was a great show, and the Sick Puppies kicked a lot of ass before Skillet. It was the first show the band played with Skillet on this tour, and was great!
"Riptide" Acoustic by the Sick Puppies Live at WGRD [Video]
On Monday when the Sick Puppies visited GRD to play for a bunch of winners, they played several songs for us all, and they were great! Not only did they play great, but super nice people, and a lot of fun. They met everyone and took photos and signed stuff. Thanks to the Sick Puppies, and all our wi…

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