Pyramid Scheme

Cannibal Corpse Book a Date in Grand Rapids
Some of the most BRUTAL bands in heavy metal are making their way to Grand Rapids this Fall.
If you're looking for some intense heavy metal, look no further than Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, and Soreption.
The Pyramid Scheme Hosting Metal Yoga on May 11
When I was pretty hardcore into P90X, one of the worst things that I had to do was yoga.
I freakin' hate yoga.
It's slow, sweaty, repetitive and it takes forever! Plus, the music sucks!
Wait, there is a metal yoga course?
Sepultura to Rock The Pyramid Scheme on May 26 [Video]
All eyes have been on the shows coming to the Van Andel Arena, The Orbit Room, The Intersection and The Stache.
There is another kick-ass venue though that rocks Grand Rapids, and that is the The Pyramid Scheme.
It is about to host one awesome metal show: Sepultura.
WGRD’s Jackie Models in Charity Runway Show
This past Thursday I got the pleasure of modeling make up in the "Red Alert" runway show. Red Alert is a charity that is raising money to help promote awareness for AIDS and HIV sufferers as well as families of HIV and AIDS victims. For more information on the event, and how you can dona…