President Obama

Watch President Obama's Final State of the Union Address
Tuesday night will mark the last time President Obama travels to Capitol Hill to address both houses of Congress for his annual State of the Union speech. Aides have announced that the speech will focus mainly on the president's optimistic outlook about America's future, along with a look …
President Obama: 'If I was a Lions Fan I'd be Pretty Aggravated'
For angry, heartbroken Detroit Lions fans there isn't much consolation.
The NFL admitted to blowing a pass interference call and missing an offensive holding call in Sunday's game vs the Cowboys, according to the Detroit Free Press.
Dallas then squeaked by Detroit 24-20 with a game-winning touchdown …
President Obama Announces Gun Control Proposals
With all the gun violence that has overwhelmed this country in that past few months, President Obama has signed a 23-part executive order that is designed to negate some of the violent acts with guns. These orders are in addition to all the laws that Mr. Obama wants Congress to pass soon.