Wedding Party Photo Shoot Fail
How long will it take before people realize that taking wedding photos (or prom photos or any other special occasion) on a dock or close to any body of water is a bad idea?
Actually, it is a good idea, because we get to see the results.
But for them? Bad idea.
7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 3
Okay it is day 3 of this creepy photo marathon here and I have seen some stuff man... some crazy stuff. Halloween is coming up quick and this photo is one of many that hopefully only appears on the internet around this time of year.
7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 1
Halloween is right around the corner! In honor of the creepiest holiday we have, I decided to do "7 days of creepy photos!" Today's creepy photo appears to me, unbeatable, I do not know how I'll find creepier for day 2... but I will.

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