'Talk Nerdy To Me:' Parody Video
This is funny.
Any true nerd will appreciate this.
While we don't listen too much to Jason Derulo around here, his song "Talk Dirty" was made into this epic parody music video for nerds, "Talk Nerdy to Me."
Check it out here.
Back To The Future In Real Life (VIDEO)
Alright that last video I shared of "Harry Potter In Real Life" had me rolling and then I found out that the people who made that, have many more! Check out this video of the beloved 80's classic, Back to the Future... only in REAL LIFE!
Pure Michigan Parody Video
This video is a few years old now, but every year when we get our first frosty morning, with snow freezing up my wind shield I think to this video. Winter's coming ladies and gentleman, and it sucks a big one.
Wrecking Ball Parody- Kitten Edition
By now I'm sure you have seen all the fantastic paradoys of Miley Cyrus's, "Wrecking Ball" video. She really asked for it when she decided to swing around naked on a wrecking ball! First there was our friends at GVSU, then of course the hilarious Nicholas Cage edition, an…
Linkin Park Parody
Linkin Park fan or not, this video will make you laugh your ass off. I watched this like 10 times yesterday and laughed everytime