Old School

'90's Nickelodeon 'The Splat' Announces List of Programming
All hail the 1990's! At least kids television from back in the day.
A couple of weeks ago, Nickelodeon announced that they will be launching a block of programming completely dedicated to their programming from the 90's, which for most people in their mid to late 20's, is pretty exciti…
Check Out This Terrible Windows 95 Commerical
The first operating system that I ever dealt with was MS-DOS. It was primitive but we got by with it. Computers for the longest time were considered 'Nerd Tools' because of all the code you had to know just to get something running.
Windows 95 came around and changed all of that. However, t…
Old Skool Game Commercials
Before there was the internet, we had to find out about new video games through either newspaper ads, magazines, and especially TV. Watching children's television in the 90's was always entertaining. Besides watching your cartoons, the real awesomeness started when the commercials came on.