new years eve

10 Perfectly-Timed New Year’s Photobombs
We're going to make a pretty huge statement right now ladies and gents, so brace yourselves: photobombing is hands down the best way to capture any sort of moment. Ruining a picture with that unexpectedly hilarious face or the addition of a random stranger in a photo simply adds that extra oomp…
Jackie’s New Years Eve Plans
I love 80's parties! Every time I get wind of an 80's party I dress up and attend even if I know full well that I wont be at the party more than 10 minutes. So for New Years Eve I was excited to learn our sister station, WFGR is hosting An Awesome 80\'s New Year I don't know e…
10 Hangover Remedies: What Works?
Well with the new year approaching  so is the time of going to parties, drinking and yes of course the day after. So what to do when your head is pounding, and you are, well lets just say it hungover