Throwback Thursday: Interviewing Mushroomhead Part 1
I have been a fan of Mushroomhead for years! The first time that I ever saw them was way before I worked at WGRD.
I never thought in a million years that I would work my way up to where I am today and eventually interview them.
Gathering of the Juggalos 2015 Books In This Moment
I have never been to the Gathering of the Juggalos, and frankly I don't plan on going anytime soon. I have been to a couple of like festivals, and unless I have a camper with some sort of shower, I'm good!
The Gathering is a huge music festival that goes on for 3 days and it ran by one of the most ha…
Mushroomhead & Avatar Book at Date at the Intersection
Another concert is coming this way to Grand Rapids!
If you thought may was done with concerts, you thought wrong. Another rockin' concert is coming this way of Grand Rapids at The Intersection.
Mushroomhead & Avatar will bring the metal to The Intersection on May 17!
Mushroomhead Returns to The Intersection Next Sunday!
The year of 2014 is going out with a bang at The Intersection! This band was really busy during the year of 2014, and how could you celebrate the holiday season with one of the most metal and entertaining groups to hit the stage?
Mushroomhead returns to The Intersection on Dec. 21st!
Mushroomhead Returns to The Intersection on December 21!
Just seems like yesterday these guys were at The Orbit Room with ICP! However it's almost Christmas time and things are always a little 'too happy' around that time of year. Sounds like a good time to welcome back one of my favorite masked bands...
5 Interestingly Crazy Music Videos
Ever watch a music video and just think to yourself...WTF??? There have been many music videos where I have thought the same thing! These video's that I have located on the great world of the internet are either video's that I say..."WTF?" or "Now that's int…

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