Ohio Man Charged with Murder After Kicking A Dude in the Nuts
An Ohio man has been charged after he assaulted another dude's nuts. Jackie Pierce was trying to get money out of Willie Cannon back in May of 2013, and really wanted Willie to know he was serious, and kicked him in the testicles repeatedly, and then took Willie's money.
Not only is Jackie being char…
Russian Doctor Kills Patient with One Punch [Video]
Little did you know, Ivan Drago from Rocky IV has become an actual doctor! He once punched Sylvester Stallone so hard in the chest that Sly had to be rushed to the hospital and almost died! I can't really continue with this, because an actual Russian doctor has killed a patient...with ONE PUNCH…
FBI in Standoff with Suspected Grand Rapids Murderer in Detroit
UPDATE: The standoff ended shortly before 1p.m. Friday. Suspected murderer Jermaine Cooper has been taken into custody.
Grand Rapids' murder suspect Jermaine Cooper is in a standoff with police on Detroit's west side Friday morning, WZZM-13 reports.
November 6th, Holland woman Melissa Moore was fata…