Modern Family

Emmy 2016 Nominees Get the Honest Trailer Treatment
The fine folk at Honest Trailers rarely get into the TV game (even less often double-dipping), but suffice to say, certain series might take years to make the rotation. No longer, as all the major Emmy 2016 contenders, from The Americans to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt get their own mini trailer parodi…
2015 Emmy Nominations Announced!
Finally no longer dumping the announcement at 5:30 A.M. PT, while half the critical populace sweat through Comic-Con, the 2015 Emmy nominations are here! A few major surprises and omissions, as well as some well-deserved chances at the gold, but who's up for at 2015, as presented by Brooklyn Ni…
Jimmy Kimmel's "Tweeter Totter" Game Is So Evil
I saw this last week on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and just laughed so hard.
He and Julie Bowen, who's a mom on "Modern Family," played "Tweeter Totter." But it's not a playground thing; it's a game show!
I had to share this video with you.