GRD’s Irish Penpal — Katherine Gannon

Dear Grand Rapids-
So its Valentines Day and I got into the spirit a few weeks before hand by doing a photo shoot with a local Photographer - Sean Mc Cormack and makeup artist Samantha Craughwell who I've worked with on many occasions. Prior to Valentines Day, these photos were published in National …
WGRD AlternaChicks Needed!
The newest poster is out and it is available to you at The Gaming Warehouse They have two locations in Grandville, and Holland, and as always the posters are free!
Little Red ‘ROCKIN’ Hood
Not too long ago I traveled to New York City! Other than being unbelievable, I was chosen to do a kick ass photo shoot (the reason I went) and that was, a gothic, sexy, red riding hood!  Oh yah, who doesnt like childhood fables turned into sexy adults...