Couple Gets Engaged Onstage at Wayland Grand Rapids’ Concert [Video]
Two Wayland Warriors are getting hitched! Robert Christensen popped the question to his girlfriend LaTarra Gryzen onstage at the Wayland concert at The Intersection in Grand Rapids Friday night! The band paused in the middle their show to order up some shots to toast to being back home in West Michigan and cheers with all their Grand Rapids fans! The people delivering the shots? Robert and LaTarra
You Might Need to Be Having More Sex to Be Happy – Surprise!
Amy Muise, sex and romance "scientist" (how do I get THAT job?) at the University of Toronto Missisauga has conducted a study over 23 YEARS with her team, to determine how happy people are, and how they can be happy. Mostly with sex, sometimes with money. What did she discover? If you have more sex, you're generally happier. SURPRISE!
Weird Things Couples Fight About
Married couples are always telling me stories about the weird stuff that goes on in their lives once they've been married for a while, and how totally different it is from being single. The arguments get weirder, they relax a lot more and do disgusting things around their spouses, and things that send most single people running off screaming don't even phase them anymore.

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