Michigan Ranked Last in U.S. For Ethics and Transparency Laws
While the Mitten State has a ton to be proud of (beaches, craft beer, attractive women), this really isn't one of those things.
In a national study set to be released today, Michigan ranks last among all the 50 states in ethics and transparency laws and safeguards, the D…
Michigan Senator Looking to Change Underage Drinking Law
A Michigan senator who also has been a sheriff thinks the punishment for underage drinking in Michigan is too harsh and he's looking to change it.
State Sen. Rick Jones is championing an effort to change the law so that minors caught in possession of alcohol would not be charged with a crime unt…
Celebrate for Today is National Beer Day!
Today is National Beer Day...and while it's not an official holiday where we'd get the day off (it totally should be), it's a great day, celebrating an actual good law.
Never thought you'd hear about a good law, right?
It's the Cullen-Harrison Act, and allowed people to sell and drink beer again!  Som…